How To Make Money With Perpetual Home Business Website Traffic

Do you know how to make money with perpetual home business website traffic? I would say that the majority of marketers do not. The reason being is that the majority are not list building. So they may make some quick cash with brute force but in the end the stress of feast and famine gets to them and they are out. The worst case of course is no sales at all. This is usually the result of going for the cash instead of the asset. Your List.

Search Engines

Let’s first look at how to create a perpetual traffic system in the first place. Ultimately organic search engine traffic is the best source. That will always be where you make an effort. There are many opportunities to create organic search traffic. You can use blogging, forums, social media posts, profile pages, classified advertising, and HTML websites. Basically, anywhere where a search engine has access to a web page. In all the foregoing make use of keywords in the title and body of the text.

Search engine traffic is highly competitive, so one needs to look at other alternatives also. Marketing platforms and various advertising networks also offer excellent opportunities to create perpetual home business website traffic. Many platforms now have an accessible social review section outside the main members area where one can promote an affiliate site and use SEO (search engine optimization) strategies.

Viral Marketing

Perpetual Home Business Website Traffic

Viral Marketing is also highly recommended as an alternative to the search engines. These types of traffic programs use methods that rely on duplication. This is a very important aspect to consider when choosing processes. Ask yourself, will this be easy for my referrals to duplicate? With viral marketing as your primary method for traffic you can generate millions of real visitors to your offer. This is my preferred method as the traffic generated can also be used to assist my organic website views. It will never matter what search engine rule is changed due to abuse by marketers.

Premium Perpetual Home Business Website Traffic

Eventually you will have to consider paying for website traffic. There are programs that offer 50% of the fee as an incentive to recruit for them. This is a good setup. It will only take two paying referrals to break even. The best part is that a sizable portion of that traffic are people actively looking for a Make Money Offer (MMO), plus the membership on top of that who are also looking for that perfect opportunity. My advice here is to find an opportunity that has been around for a while and stick to it. If there is a new opportunity that looks like it will be here for years than you can add it to what you are doing. Not in place of what you already do.

List Building

This aspect of marketing is over looked by most. This should be your primary job. Building a list.
This is how you will make long term gains. Your list is your asset. Your list is how you make money with perpetual home business website traffic and email marketing. By providing solutions to problems you will keep your list engaged. They will want to open your email and take a look at your offer. I have found it best to also speak in terms of life. There is a human on the other side who wants to believe that you are also a human.

Viral marketing will play a role in building your list quickly. Typically a very strong offer of benefits is required in order to get that email address. Your offer must be easy enough for your prospect to want to duplicate and create exponential growth of the system.

Payment Plans and The Matrix

This is another very important part of making money with perpetual website traffic. You are going to have to consider monthly payment plans and one time payments. You will need both. That decision will be up to you. Naturally, if your paying monthly, that program better overdeliver on it’s promises. You should be making use of most, if not all of what is offered. And demonstrating those methods to your referrals such that they can actually see the benefit in use. Not just reading about it. They will then follow you in these businesses as paid members.

The pay once programs are my favorites. Most of these offers will incorporate a viral method to generate website traffic and leads. This often incorporates an easy to duplicate method for long term retention. If your relying on a pay once program then a perpetual home business website traffic method is necessary. You will always need leads. But with the proper choice of these programs, the viral methodology will continuously produce new leads and sales due to duplication.

Many offers also pay Free members for recruiting paying members. This is a possibility, but if that particular part of the system is emphasized too much then no one upgrades and everyone loses.

Perpetual Home Business Website Traffic

Some of the viral processes are best suited for a pay it forward structure. It will be best to assist your referrals with THEIR traffic and lead generation efforts. You will benefit as they complete their duplication process faster. Opening up the way for the viral components to increase in scale. Paying their way forward with money is also something you may have to consider depending on their performance. It may be worth your while to “gift” them a position up.


Making money with perpetual home business website traffic is not a matter of FREE vs PAID traffic. It’s both. There are excellent viral methods which can generate millions of views for free. All you have to do is share it with others. The free members are a benefit to paid members. Just look at traffic exchanges and safelists. They would not exist if not for free members generating clicks.

If your just starting out consider paid traffic and lead generation sources as your primary business. Once you start making your way with these sources you can use those funds to scale your traffic even further and get into some heavy duty training with high ticket offers.

The real keys here are list building and duplication. People are looking for the quick fix. So you have to make it easy for them. Doing so will keep them retained and engaged with what you are offering.

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